Return Policy

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our portraits or we will:

Provide you with a full refund.  All photos must be returned to our company within two weeks of receipt of your photo package. The entire package must be enclosed. A refund check will be mailed to you within two weeks of request for refund. Please call our home office at 321-952-9876 or 1-800-330-8429 or email

Retake your photo at school.  If you choose, we will be happy to retake the photo on make-up day. Please return the package to the photographer on the scheduled day for make-ups and retakes at your school. No questions will be asked of the student to avoid embarrassment or hurt feelings. (for fall school pictures only)

Retake your photo in our studio.  If you missed retakes or your first photograph was taken on make-up day, or even if you missed both days; you may have school picture retakes in our studio at no additional cost. Please call to find out what days these photos are being done in our studio. Click here for studio locations and contact information. (Usually in late October after most school retake days.) (For school pictures only.) Retakes taken in studio are for personal use only and will not be submitted to the school for yearbook use.

Please Note:  Our policy is not to decide if you are satisfied with the photos you receive. No dsp employee will debate with you if you want a refund or a retake. Our photographers might inquire as to what we can do to improve on the original photos if it is not obvious (i.e. closed eyes, technical difficulties, etc.) as a measure to ensure you receive the photo you want.